22 September 2011

07 September 2011

human instinct - stoned guitar

tip of the day!

earth - land of some other order

i know a secret about this swap i will not tell anyone.

che - hydraulicks

in 2006 i was at nossebro swap meet and took some pics on stuff

che - the day the pirate retired

im making a pipe

07 July 2011

the heads - filler

my friend Nisse has the best stickers. we had a party at his place some weeks ago and this sticker was on his fridge where all the liquor was.

the heads - delwyns conkers

im such a gentleman, first i broke the lock to the door and then i made my wife climb up a ladder and breaking into our own house while i took pictures of her in one of her less graceful moments.

oh, and the next day our friend charlie came by and fixed the lock.

the heads - spliff riff

this is the only pic i took while i was at Sidfläsk last week. not because their party sucked, just because i suck at grabbing the moment. just like when im at a swap, i always regret not buying stuff - and on parties i regret not snapping some memories of nice stuff and nice people.

on our way there we found this guy (not the pink fellow) scratching his head. the power of a ford -54 took care of business and he was able to ride his bike back home. he promised a sweet deal on motor cycle batteries as a token of appreciation.
he was a merchant of batteries, oh the irony...

(wow, close to a months absence.. been busy with work and some bike shows and other social activities. ill try catch up and post some pics from the last month, the coming days.
one good thing with being away from the computer has been all the music i have listened too while meeting old and new friends or music i have been listening to while grinding on my bike build. i really recommend listening to the heads. not that remake of that shitty band the talking heads, the real heads from Bristol.)

10 June 2011

robyn - dancing on my own

tomorrow its time for tidaholm, ill try to snap some pics

03 May 2011

nick cave - as i sadly sat beside her

me and my wife went to see earth perform in malmö some weeks ago. it was majestic, even if the show some 4 years ago in göteborg was beyond majestic.
dylan carson is next to matt pike one of our generations most excellent guitarists.

nick cave - henry lee

this must be german or italian

nick cave - deanna

nick cave - mercy seat

that narrow springer with 23" wheel together with a small peanut tank is a perfect marriage.

26 April 2011

marduk - on blackened wings

on our way to the show with the exploited, we stopped by martins birthday bbq.
ironically some kids thought it was creative to set fire to a dump station close by our grill.
tax money well spent...
anyway, it was nice to meet some new folks as im pretty lousy when it comes to social stuff.